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Post Feral Post

This is the post I should have done yesterday, and to be honest, it should have been longer and probably reread, but it's already late. I'll post pictures tomorrow, probably.

Alright, five days later, I am back from Ontario and Feral. I am somewhat tired because when I go to these things, I try to do as much as I can, profit of the unique (well, yearly) occasion offered to me. I must admit that this year I failed somewhat because I was really tired when I got there due to a lack of good sleep the days before. Also, I was supposed to do the laundry the day before I left, when I didn’t do because I simply forgot.
I’ll have to do it tomorrow. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy my trip, far from it. But it certainly was different.

For starters, I slept more often then I did at previous Ferals. We get up around 7 and I usually get to bed by 1 am. Add to that all the physical activities I do, and you get a very exhausted dragon. So, this year around, I found myself in my sleeping bag resting and sleeping, more often then I usually do. I even slept on the bus coming to Montreal and back. Even as I write these lines, I realise that I won’t finish my post because I’m too tired and I work tomorrow. Incidently, I’m getting up at 7.

Starting with last year, we’ve made sure to have a cabin of monfurs, filling the extra spaces with random furs they assigned to us. This year we got Todd and Eidolon, two cool guys. I always find meeting new people like that interesting and it’s always comforting to know that I have a majority of monfurs to rely on.

The travel down to Feral was a weird one. We left Loopy’s place at the same time (two cars), and got separated soon after when the other car didn’t take the right exit. The travel to Ottawa was about an hour and a half from there, where we stopped to eat diner. Of course, we arrived first, but the fascinating thing is that the other car arrived mere moments after us. We were in the parking, wondering when they would arrive when I turned and saw the truck. And hours later, the same thing happened on the road, they just appeared behind us. A weird trip.

Feral was absurdly cold this year, and wet. It really contributed to the less enjoyable experience. Getting up never was as much of a chore, and it didn’t get better later during the day, when we would take refuge into our own sleeping bags. At some point, the whole cabin was playing snakes and ladders, each having a dice and Loopy moving the pieces on the board. Probably the laziest game ever played.

I didn’t enjoy the material on sale as much as previous years. I’m a sucker for comics especially, as single pictures I don’t care as much for. Commissions I might, but I’ve been disappointed in the past. It doesn’t help that I have high standards for what I pay and the best commission I ever had was free. At least financially

Last year, I participated to a furry improv workshop which turned out awesome. Of course, it helped that I went on stage and acted a little (with success). But this year was sadly different, a lot less involved with the public and personally, although there were good gags at times, I found it less enjoyable because, well, I wasn’t there. I guess I’m a sucker for attention. What else is new.

After the Improv, I went to the camp fire to hear 2 the Ranting Griffin and Uncle Kage do their comedy bit. I had already seen them at Anthrocon 04 but this time was really different because there were a lot less people and it’s a lot more informal. There was drinking and words and thoughts slipped. "Dragons breath fire, unicorns have their horn, griffins 'corrupt the supple innocent'", according to 2. I had a great, if chilly, time.

One of the high points of Feral was the melee in the park. Organised by the monfurs, melee in the park is your basic capture the flags (LARP), kind of like the one already organised by Feral staff, with some different classes and abilities. One of the additional interesting points was that teams were made by the captains at some point, and I wasn’t chosen last, even chosen before people I personally would have taken before me.

Since last year, they started making clan challenges for points and stuff. This year was interesting because I led my team through the challenges (being a technical veteran since I was a part of last year). Besides a little hiccup, I think I performed very well. The moment I shined the most was when I had to direct someone across an obstacle course. Once the blindfold was on, I just told him (Insane Foxx, a monfur) to follow my voice, which was a spur of the moment thing and worked really well. I also jumped in the lake with my jeans, which was partially premeditated. In all, our team arrived third, but first among my clan’s three teams.

Every year, cabins are asked to make a small skit, just because, and two years in a row, my cabin was named worst skit. This year, since we were essencially the same cabin as last year, we decided to just go on stage and say "Our skit this year shows the best part of last year’s: the ending" and then we fall over dead (see last year).

The trip was cool, although I have to say it is my least enjoyable Feral yet. I also find it really sad that it cost me so much on transportation because they had rented a truck for luggage, and to that I need to add the bus trip and some gas, which amounts to perhaps half of what I paid for Feral itself.

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